I followed the steps of Kusimayo, a non-profit association which has been working since 2008 with people in extreme poverty in the rural areas surrounding the Titicaca lake in Peru, at 4000 meters above sea level (13000 feet), and strives to make a difference in the quality of life of children and adults.

Among their different programs they manage, “Heat for Puno/Clean and warm houses” (Calor para Puno/Casas Clientes Limpias), implements Clean and Warm Houses technological package which modifies the existing houses. The result is a 10º Celsius temp elevation of the -24º Celsius ( -11 Fahrenheit) that can get in cold nights. This is by sealing and insulating walls and roofs and also, by creating an exterior plastic wall, leaning towards the sun, were it condenses the strong heat in daytime and passes to the house through top holes while the cold air goes back to the exterior plastic wall through the bottom holes. Also, they have managed to reduce the pollution inside each house, in many cases up to a 90% since they have improved the way the kitchen is built, basically by putting a chimney and a system that expels the smoke. Another of Kusimayo's program, “Productive Puno” (“Puno Productivo”) implements technology to improve the productivity of the rural properties, to cover the family’s need for food and to generate a surplus by building greenhouses and wells in their property.

'Support Grandpas" (Apoyo a los Abuelitos), is the program that covers a shelter's monthly basic needs like food, primary hygiene and cleaning products for 13 elderly people.

Lastly, 'Thousands of Dreams" (Miles de Sueños) is the program where they offer daily breakfasts, kitchen equipment and dishware, materials as well as an hygiene kit for 270 children in preschool centres of 21 communities.