While studying architecture in the 80's in my hometown, Lima, I got a job as a journalist for a local newspaper. Many of the articles had to be documented with photographs, this made me take a camera and start to do my first pictures.

Having the necessity to learn and experiment further more I decided to move to Europe landing first in London. Soon after, I got published my first fashion spread in ID magazine. Always following my curiosity, I explored since many sides of this profession: from fashion and portraiture to photojournalism, covering subjects such as the Kosovo War. In the meantime I lived in different cities, Barcelona, Madrid and Paris to finally settle back in London in 2004.

In 2006 I started to work with art director David Tortora and by 2009 we created Jeff orGina, a series of both, art and commercial projects where the use of image manipulation covers an integral part in the creative process. We like to define our work as anti­-minimal, visually rich, realistic but categorically non ­real.

In 2013, after two years work, in a team work we’ve presented 'Proyecto Mírame, Lima', a series of 50 family portraits aiming to reflect the cultural, ethnical, religious diversities present within the peruvian capital. Using a language that lies between photojournalism and creative portraiture, the project has represented a new direction in my professional journey, opening a new set of possibilities and giving me many satisfactions. 

In 2014 I've deepen my research in photography as an art form working with architectural collages, nudes and light movement. At the same time my first experiments with motion photography got selected to be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery of London and La Gaîte Lyrique Museum of Paris.

By 2017 overwhelmed by a fundamental necessity to create, to challenge myself into new boundaries, is that next to photography I had started to explore other media and mixing techniques searching for my own narrative. Simultaneously, I had embarked myself into two different social projects: One of them deals with visual impairment and life after blindness, the other one is about the big changes of Spanish society in the last decades. Both projects are due to come out by the end of 2017.